I’m Marina Galatioto

I’m Marina Galatioto

You already know my name, this is my website and the name is written practically everywhere, so I will not repeat myself otherwise I would be boring!
It isn’t very easy to describe and talk about ourselves. Often one doesn’t know what to say, what to give importance to and so on.

I am not trying to boast but I believe one should not belittle oneself either! What should I talk about …?
I want to start by telling you about my “Mission in life”: I am a creator of dreams. Every story, every novel, every script is a small dream recounted with words or pictures, to convey to other people a world, sensations, emotions, that can live even if only for a moment in another’s reality.

I love happy endings, I can’t help it, those in which everyone lived happily ever after, after all a dream cannot be any other way otherwise it would be a nightmare! I like to dream in life and to believe that there may be a better world, where people can trust each other, a world without drugs, without insanity.

Utopia? Perhaps, but if we don’t believe in it, how could we ever get it? I love to have fun, I try to convey it and stand by people who are not deterred, but face life and difficulties with a positive outlook.

Age? I am 44 years old, someone could say “wasted” I dare say … lived cautiously, following the “sighs of the heart”. Spiritually I feel like a 15 years old teenager and I am more inclined to call myself an impulsive. A saying that I like very much is: the unbearable lightness of the being.

That’s how I think one should feel. Personally I like to live with enthusiasm, both happiness and sadness, I hate half-measures and the greys. I wish all could be white or black, easily recognizable in order to not be wrong in the choices.

Zodiac sign? Virgin, but I was supposed to be born under the Lion sign. Do I believe in horoscopes? I honestly don’t know, until now they were never right. One of my features? Besides hating putting on weight, I am noisy when I laugh and at the cinema I have to apologize to people next to me …

My kids tell me that I’m not a normal mum, but nowadays what does “normal” mean? And is it right to be normal? I still haven’t figured that out! While I think and seek a suitable response that could solve this dilemma I leave like a little ditzy artist, I dress how I feel and I tend to have my pace regardless of everything else, which as you might know it is not an easy task for anyone.
I consider myself a lucky person.

I have two beautiful children, a boyfriend who supports me and my (sometime a bit foolish) ideas. Parents who wouldn’t change even for all the gold in the world and gorgeous friends/girlfriends with whom I share the journey of life. I like everything that is aesthetic and if I had to give up something I would not hesitate to get rid of material things, but could never give up love and friendship.

Graduated as an expert mechanic, nothing further from my nature, but sometimes one can be wrong in their choices. Two years ago I enrolled at University, something closer to how I am. Now I’m on the third year of literature, music and entertainment.

When did I start writing? When I was 10 years old, it was my most cherished and secret dream. In 2002 I decided to make this dream a reality and after having participated in some contests I have posted a story of mystery at Grand Hotel. From that moment onwards I never stopped and currently I work with major female fiction magazines, writing articles for newspapers both online and paper, picture stories and scripts for comics, but I do not publish everything with my name, I use half-dozen pseudonyms!!

Thanks for having visited my site and feel free to leave a comment in the blog.
Right now you can find the following in English/American: Trouble at the North Pole, with colour illustrations by Chiara Ballello, translations by Chiara Garcia and editing by Susie Garcia.

This product is for sale on amazon.com. There is also a very cute video posted on YouTube. We are completing a collection of fairy tales with colouring pages for toddlers.
my very best wishes Marina

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